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Cities are a springboard to the future, but they can only flourish with healthy, vibrant spaces where human activity, individual well-being and economic growth coexist. The UDI plays a leadership role in developing these spaces by fostering dialogue and collaboration within and around the real estate industry.


Draft By-law for a Diverse Metropolis: UDI raises a yellow flag

October 23 2019

Montréal, October 18, 2019 – The Urban Development Institute of Quebec (UDI) has released a brief, which it will present to the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) on Thursday. The document, which is the result of exhaustive research and numerous discussions, focuses on the importance of diversity in housing to our industry. Its substance would have been quite different had members of our Economic Development and Urban Affairs Committee not been involved; they were especially generous, and most of them also made the decision to share their views with the OCPM. This was no surprise! Why? Because diversity is not a new topic for UDI.

We have been working on this issue for a long time. First, on a large scale, the market compels us to offer rich and varied new housing options. Second, since 2005, our members have significantly contributed to the success of the City’s inclusion strategy by developing best practices projects that are a tremendous source of pride. Did you know that in 2018, 47% of housing under construction in Montréal was part of projects with commitments based on the inclusion strategy or local strategies?1 No wonder Montréal remains one of the most affordable metropolises in North America.

Le rapport triennal de l’IDU

October 17 2019

Sous le thème « L’essor de la ville », l’IDU publie aujourd’hui son rapport trimestriel. Le rapport illustre à quel point la crédibilité de l’IDU s’est affirmée avec le temps. Le sérieux de nos prises de position, enracinées dans une vision de la ville documentée de l’expertise et de l’expérience de nos membres et de nos partenaires, fait de l’IDU un interlocuteur devenu incontournable pour les gouvernements et les villes en matière de développement urbain. Fiscalité, urbanisme, habitation, transport collectif, nos prises de position marquent les esprits et contribuent au développement des villes de l’avenir.



L'antenne sud du REM: croissance prometteuse de l'industrie immobilière?

November 18, 2019
From 11:30 AM to 1:45 PM



135$ + taxes
Table de 8 personnes: 975 $ + taxes

210$ + taxes
Table de 8 personnes : 1515 $ + taxes




Conférence de Mario Girard, Président-directeur général du Port de Québec

November 20, 2019
From 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM



125$ + taxes
Table de 8 personnes : 900$ + taxes

210$ + taxes
Table de 8 personnes : 1515$ + taxes



Urban intensification for thriving citiese

Closely related to urban density, urban intensity is a qualitative measure that accounts for a city’s coherence, vibrancy, draw and aesthetic features. Intensification advocates for the optimal use of urban space to develop living environments that meet the evolving needs of tomorrow’s city-dwellers, whose influence is already being felt in the commercial and residential real estate sectors today.

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