Mentorship and its benefits

UDI wants to give its members the support they need to pursue their training and upgrade their practices, and provide them with opportunities for networking and business meetings. In pursuit of this goal, the Young Ambassadors Network is proud to present its new Mentorship Program.

Mentorship is a learning and development strategy based on a supportive and constructive relationship. A seasoned professional, the mentor, shares their experience, expertise and knowledge with a newer industry member, the mentee, who is looking for advice and tools that will help them improve their skills and autonomy. The mentor also supports the mentee in reaching their professional goals. The relationship of trust between the mentor and mentee is built on respectful, honest and confidential interactions.

Mentorship provides an opportunity for professional development and growth. Mentees have exclusive access to valuable advice from commercial real estate experts who offer help and support, and who provide them with the tools they need to succeed. 

If you are flexible, open, frank and self-reliant, willing to accept constructive feedback, and ready to put in the effort required to achieve your goals, this program is for you !


L'IDU a l'honneur de vous présenter les mentors de la cohorte 2024 :

The application period is now closed.

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